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Sweet Gold Sindhri

Sweet Gold Chonsa


 Mir Pur Khas

Rahim Yar Khan & Multan




 Pulp Gravity




Slightly Perfume

Slightly Perfume


3 to 5%

17.2 to 27.3%


 15 to 18%

10 to 22%

 Moisture Contain Average



 After/Before Ripening  Average



 Highest Weight Average  Weight:

3.5 Pound
1 Pound

3.5 Pound 1 Pound

 Period After Ripening

25 Degree Centigrade

25 Degree Centigrade

 Relative Humidity



Pakistan produces a variety of mangoes each with distinct flavor and taste. This king of fruits is grown in Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan. Mango is the undisputed most popular fruit amongst millions of people in the orient particularly in the Pakistan Sub-continent where it is considered to be the King of Fruits. In fact, there is no exaggeration in claiming that mango, because of its excellent flavor, attractive fragrance, beautiful shades of colors, delicious taste and healthful value, is now recognized as one of the best fruits in the world market.

The most famous varieties extensively grown in Pakistan are SINDHRI, GULAB KHAS, FAJRI, CHONSA, which are very popular because of their unique taste, flavor and nourishment.

Mangoes are mostly eaten chilled by Pakistanis, as chilled mangoes not only enhance their shelf life but also remove the "heat" in the fruit. Pakistani mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, C and D and other antioxidant vitamins. Mangoes have more carotenoids than most other fruits - and that helps toward off colds and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. It is a member of the cashew family.

Sindhri mango : This variety is mostly found and produced in Sindh Province of Pakistan. This particular variety comes in large size, yellow in colour, and fiber less. This has a very pleasant fragrance and very sweet in taste.

Availability :
This variety is available from the month of 20th May to 20th July.

Beganphali :
This distinguished variety of mango is extremely large in size, sweet in taste, very delicious and has a pleasant fragrance. Beganphalli has an appealing shinning yellow colour mingled with a delightful aroma and delicious flavor.

Availability :
The season from April to July.

Chonsa Mango :
This variety is produced in the province of Punjab. It is extremely sweet in taste and very delicious. Flesh in firm and fiber less.

Availability :
It is available after 15th June to end of August.

Black Chonsa & White Chonsa :

Availability :
Mid-August to September.

Sunera :
Availability :

Mid-June to July.

Gulab Khas :
Availability : June to August.

Fajri Mango :
Availability :
July to Mid-September.